Tuition, room and board, and other special fees are due in full on the first day of the given semester. Students unable to make the full payment must make other arrangements with Student Account Services by the first day of each semester.

Westminster offers a full range of financial aid opportunities—merit-based and income-based scholarships, grants, loans, and federal Work-Study—to help make a Westminster education more accessible.

Each semester is billed according to the number of credit hours you're registered for in that semester. Waitlisted classes are not billed until you are officially added to the class.

Full-time registration is 12 or more credits in a semester. Westminster scholarships and federal student aid usually require full-time enrollment.

For each credit above 16, there is an additional charge of $1,638 per credit hour for tuition. See the following tuition and fees chart for a complete breakdown by credit hour of total semester charges. Additional fees may apply for certain classes including, but not limited to, nursing, education, photography, and private music lessons.

Enrolled Semester Hours Tuition HWAC Fee Student Account Fee Publication Fee Ellipsis Fee Myriad Fee Environmental Fee Technology Fee Total Semester Charge for Tuition and Fees
1 $1,638 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $1,638
2 $3,276 $0 $29 $6 $2 $1 $2 $68 $3,384
3 $4,914 $0 $29 $6 $2 $1 $2 $68 $5,022
4 $6,552 $0 $29 $6 $2 $1 $2 $68 $6,660
5 $8,190 $0 $29 $6 $2 $1 $2 $68 $8,298
6 $9,828 $0 $29 $6 $2 $1 $2 $68 $9,936
7 $11,466 $0 $42 $6 $2 $1 $2 $101 $11,620
8 $13,104 $0 $42 $6 $2 $1 $2 $101 $13,258
9 $14,742 $0 $42 $6 $2 $1 $2 $101 $14,896
10 $16,380 $0 $42 $6 $2 $1 $2 $101 $16,534
11 $18,018 $0 $42 $6 $2 $1 $2 $101 $18,172
12–16 $19,656 $60 $55 $6 $2 $1 $2 $134 $19,916
17 $21,294 $60 $55 $6 $2 $1 $2 $134 $21,554
18 $22,932 $60 $55 $6 $2 $1 $2 $134 $23,192
19 $24,570 $60 $55 $6 $2 $1 $2 $134 $24,830
20 $26,208 $60 $55 $6 $2 $1 $2 $134 $26,468

Programs with Special Pricing

Some undergraduate programs are priced at a per credit hour cost instead of the standard undergraduate tuition and fees.

Program Name Cost Total Credit Hours Total Estimated Tuition Fees
Bachelor of Business Administration (low-residency with online components) $500 per credit hour

Varies with prior learning assessment.*

Varies with prior learning assessment. None
RN-to-BS in Nursing (online components) $500 per credit hour Varies with accepted transfer credits. Varies with accepted transfer credits. Some classes have a $11 per semester Nursing Malpractice Insurance Fee that is charged the semester you are registered for a course that requires it.

* Before any credits potentially earned through a prior learning assessment, each of the 5 project sequences in the Bachelor of Business Administration program consist of 12 credit hours (totaling 60 credit hours for all sequences).

Course Audits

The tuition charge for auditing a course is $819 per credit hour for undergraduate programs. No student activity fees are assessed for audits. The technology fee will apply to classes being audited, but no student activity fees or publication fees are assessed.

If you're going to live on campus, you'll need to review the residence hall application process.


Residence Fall Semester Spring Semester Year
Traditional-Style Double (Hogle and Carleson Halls) $3,198 $3,198 $6,396
Apartment-Style Single (Olwell, Behnken, and Stock Halls) $4,076 $4,076 $8,152


Students Living in Hogle, Carleson, Olwell, Behnken and Stock Halls

All students living in Hogle, Carleson, Olwell, Behnken and Stock Halls are required to be on one of 2 meal plans for the entire academic year (unless an exemption is requested for extreme medical or religious dietary restrictions):

Meal Plan Options (Mandatory Selection) Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
Copper Meal Plan $1,500 $1,500 $3,000
Purple Meal Plan $1,831 $1,831 $3,662
Gold Meal Plan $2,314 $2,314 $4,628

Meals are served in the Shaw Student Center and are priced à la carte. Daily menus and pricing can be found on the Sodexo website. The Gold Meal Plan averages about 2 meals per day.

The leftover balance on meal plans carries over from fall to spring semester and from spring semester through the end of May Term (first 4 weeks of summer term) (if enrolled). Meal plans will not carry over to the next academic year.

Commuter Students

Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan but can voluntarily sign up for the Birch Meal Plan ($520 per semester) if they want to pay for meals using financial aid.

Commuter students also have the option of commuter flex plans, however, these plans cannot be paid for through financial aid; costs are paid directly to Sodexo via cash, check, or credit card.

Meals are served in the Shaw Student Center and are priced à la carte. Daily menus and pricing can be found on the Sodexo website.

Commuter flex plans carryover until used up or you leave the college. There are no refunds at anytime.

Undergraduate cost of attendance is based on a 12-16 credit hour semester for a student living on campus. The breakdown includes costs paid directly to Westminster as well as estimates of other expenses you may incur that are not paid to Westminster.

  • U.S. citizen (first-year student) total cost of attendance: $56,831
  • International first-year student total cost of attendance: $56,751
Cost Type Cost or Estimated Cost
Tuition and Fees $39,832
Books and Supplies $1,000
Room and Board* $11,947
Transportation $1,402
Personal Expenses $2,270
Federal Direct Student Loan Fee (U.S. citizens only)** $80
Orientation Fee

First-Year Students: $300

Transfer Students: $25 

* The room and board charge amount is an average of what all students living on campus pay toward housing and meal plans.
** The Federal Direct Student Loan Fee is an average for those receiving Federal Direct Student Loans and is only applicable to U.S. citizens.

Discount Credits

Payment of full-time undergraduate tuition for fall semester earns 2 hours of summer discount credits. Payment of full-time undergraduate tuition for spring semester earns 2 hours of summer discount credits.

A total of 4 earned summer discount credits may be used in an academic year. The earned summer discount credits are forfeited if not used in the same academic year. They cannot be held/used for a future academic year.

If you are not full-time or have not paid your tuition for the fall or spring semesters, the discount credits will not apply and you will be responsible for the charges.

The summer term is only applicable to regular undergraduate programs for students charged at the rates listed in the summer tuition chart. They do not apply to the RN-to-BS in Nursing or Bachelor of Business Administration programs, or any other undergraduate program that is billed at an already discounted rate.

Using Discount Credits for Acadeum College Consortium Courses

Students may use 1 summer discounted credit for a 3-credit course or 2 earned summer discounted credits for a 4-credit course through the Acadeum College Consortium. Acadeum allows you to take online courses offered by other private institutions in the Council for Independent Colleges (CIC) as if they were Westminster courses. During the summer semester, you may take no more than 2 consortium courses. In total, you may take no more than 4 courses overall towards an undergraduate degree. Courses will fulfill elective credit, but if merited, you can seek consideration for a course to count towards WCore, major, or minor requirements by contacting the Registrar’s Office.

Tuition Breakdown by Credit Hour

Tuition: $1,041 per credit hour

Summer term trips will have additional charges billed separately from your tuition.

Credit Hours Total Tuition Charges With No Discount Credits Total Tuition Charges With 2 Discount Credits Earned Total Tuition Charges With 4 Discount Credits Earned
1 $1,041 ** ***
2 $2,082 ** ***
3 $3,123 $1,041 ***
4 $4,164 $2,082 ***
5 $5,205 $3,123 $1,041
6 $6,246 $4,164 $2,082
7 $7,287 $5,205 $3,123
8 $8,328 $6,246 $4,164
9 $9,369 $7,287 $5,205
10 $10,410 $8,328 $6,246
11 $11,451 $9,369 $7,287
12 $12,492 $10,410 $8,328
13 $13,533 $11,451 $9,369
14 $14,574 $12,492 $10,410
15 $15,615 $13,533 $11,451
16 $16,656 $14,574 $12,492

May Term Housing (First 4 Weeks of Summer Term)

To live on campus for free during May Term, you must have lived on campus during the current academic year during the spring semester and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a May Term Study Experience or on-campus class (having lived on campus for the previous spring semester)
  • Bank May Term credits for the summer session and live on campus in the summer
  • Work at least 10 hours per week on campus

If you do not meet any of the criteria, you must move out of the halls at the end of spring semester.

If you did not live on campus during the current academic year during the spring semester but meet the criteria for May Term housing, you must pay summer rent for May Term.

Summer Housing (After the First 4 Weeks of Summer Term)

Students needing a room on campus during the summer will pay monthly rent plus a $150 refundable deposit.

  • June 1: Full June rent due ($848, $33 of which will be put on your meal plan if rent is paid on time)
  • July 1: Full July rent due ($848, $33 of which will be put on your meal plan if rent is paid on time)
  • August 1: Full August rent due ($424) (only available for students approved to stay between summer and fall sessions)