Entries are accepted from any Utah student in 9–12th grade.

Ninth, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders may submit posters encouraging their peers to enroll in one or more of the following classes:

  • Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science Principles (9–12th grade)
  • Exploring Computer Science (9–12th grade)
  • Computer Programming 1 (10–12th grade)
  • Computer Programming 2 (10–12th grade)
  • AP Computer Science (11–12th grade)
  • IB Computer Science (11–12th grade)

All Utah students are eligible, even if they have not yet taken any of the classes. Students who have not yet taken a class are encouraged to speak to the teachers to learn more about them before creating the posters. Descriptions of these classes can be found at the Utah Board of Education, the College Board Advanced Placement Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, and International Baccalaureate® websites.

No copyrighted images may be used. All images, icons, photos, etc. must be the student's original work.

Students may submit multiple posters for the competition. Each poster may be for one or more of the above courses. A separate consent form should be submitted with each poster.

All submissions will be considered licensed as Creative Commons Attribution for re-use. Teachers, guidance counselors, and Westminster University have the right to copy, distribute, edit, remix, and build upon the students' submissions.


Ten prizes will be awarded to 9–12th graders:

  • Three winning posters will be awarded $100 gift certificates.
  • Seven runner-up posters will be awarded $50 gift certificates.

All 10 winners will also receive a one-year subscription to Adobe Cloud Services, courtesy of Adobe.