Soaring Sophomores

Find your people. Discover your strengths. Activate your passion.

Soaring Sophomores is a program designed to help you succeed during your sophomore year at Westminster University. During this year-long program, you'll learn ways to improve your well-being, spend more time meeting and getting to know your peers, get help declaring your major, and activate your passions through service learning. There are many ways to get involved!

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Sophomore Sync-Ups

Sophomore sync-ups give you an opportunity to meet other students who share your interests. You don't need to have a declared major or declare a related major to participate in any sync-up. Join any or all sync-ups that fit your interests to meet people, grow your passions, and discover new skills.

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Arts and Minds

The Arts and Minds sync-up is for students interested in creativity and humanity, whether it be in the form of making or performing your art or becoming an expert in writing about or researching topics like english, history, philosophy, and language arts.

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Bizz and Buzz

The Bizz and Buzz sync-up is for students interested in connecting their skills to the world of business and for those interested in using that creativity to make connections. Majors that may be interested in this sync-up include management, marketing, accounting, finance, international business, sports management, and communications.

students picking food from the organic garden on campus

Environment and Outdoors

The Environment and Outdoors sync-up is for students interested in exploring our relationship with the natural world, including environmental history, advocacy, outdoor education, and other related fields. No previous outdoor experience is required to join this sync-up.

students meeting with a staff member at a table in an office

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands sync-up is for students who want to give back by educating others and improving physical and social well-being in a variety of settings. Majors that may be interested in this sync-up include education, public health, nursing, psychology, sociology, political science, and justice studies.

overhead photo of students in lab coats and safety goggles at a lab table

STEM Struck

The STEM Stuff sync-up is for students interested in the hard sciences like physics, neuroscience, biology, chemistry, and geology; technology like computer and data science; engineering; and mathematics.

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Other Ways to Get Involved

When you participate in the Soaring Sophomores program, you'll also be invited to exclusive events and workshops that support your career exploration, wellness, and academic experiences.

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