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Westminster's Olympic Legacy

Westminster University has a proud legacy of supporting the Olympic spirit and those who dream of competing on the world stage. More than 50 Olympians have pursued their educational aspirations at Westminster, earning degrees along with 10 Olympic medals. 

2002 Games and Beyond

During the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics, Westminster housed safety officers on campus. Spring break was expanded to lease campus housing to the Utah Olympic Public Safety Command for most all of February 2002. Westminster President Peggy Stock served as a volunteer chairperson at the Salt Palace Convention Center during the games.

Westminster University President Bethami Dobkin now serves on the Executive Committee of the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games. The committee provides expertise and leadership for a future bid to host the games.

A University for the Dedicated and Driven

Why have more than 140 elite winter athletes taken classes at Westminster?

Personalized attention—coupled with the university's excellent academic reputation—is what makes Westminster a premiere choice for driven minds. World-class athletes do not have to choose between competing and their education. Dedicated faculty work closely with student-athletes to accommodate their rigorous training and competition schedules by enabling them to balance their challenging course load better. Westminster’s proximity to world-class training facilities and ski areas also granted student-athletes the spaces to efficiently juggle studying and training.

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Westminster's 2022 Beijing Olympians

Westminster students have competed in at least 4 Winter Olympic Games. Most of them as part of a 2005–2018 partnership between the university and U.S. Ski & Snowboard. Westminster was the official education partner of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, offering an exclusive tuition-grant program for national A–C team athletes.

Westminster will be cheering for our students and alumni who are training and working toward the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Eight Olympians from Westminster will represent four countries

  • 5 current students
  • 3 alumni 

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Past Olympic Games 

2018 Pyeongchang

18 participants
1 bronze and 1 silver

2014 Sochi

23 participants making up 10% of Team USA
2 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze

2010 Vancouver

14 participants
1 bronze 

2006 Turin

3 students
0 medals


When the Games came to Salt Lake City in the past, it raised the profile of the city, region, and state and brought arts, culture, and diversity. My hope is that Salt Lake City is selected as a host site for the 2030 Winter Games and that Westminster plays a prominent role in student engagement and support for US Olympians.

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President Bethami Dobkin

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