The following information applies to completely withdrawing from courses and inactivating your student status. To withdraw from a single course, use Self-Service before the last day to withdraw for the term listed on the academic calendar. To withdraw from all of your currently registered courses and remain a student, contact

Before Submitting a Withdrawal Request

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor(s), Financial Aid, and Student Account Services and complete any required program exit interviews before submitting this withdrawal request. International students should contact International Student Services prior to withdrawing.

If you expect to return, you should complete a Leave of Absence Request instead of a Withdrawal Request.

Withdrawal Dates and Tuition

Relevant withdrawal dates are published as part of the academic calendar.

Students who fail to withdraw from courses they have not attended are liable for all tuition and interest charged to their accounts and may receive an F grade. Tuition refunds will be applied, if warranted, by the tuition refund schedule.

Campus Residents

Campus residents must complete the check-out process through Residence Life.


Withdraw from the University Form

Use this form to completely withdraw from classes and inactivate your student status. You will need to reapply for admission if you decide to return.