Raíces Unidas is a student-run program that aims to provide a safe and judgment-free space for Westminster’s Latinx, Xhicanx, and Hispanic community. Raíces Unidas serves as a resource to students and seeks to promote inclusivity and visibility to issues that impact the Latinx, Xhicanx, and Hispanic community. The program’s priority is to create a group where you can talk about your identities and your roots in a space built with comfort and support. Raíces Unidas has held Dia de los Muertos traditional events and Nights of Storytelling for Latinx, Xhicanx, and Hispanic students to share stories and hold space for narratives of immigration, linguistic diversity, cultural appreciation, and cross-cultural awareness.

Have questions? Email raicesunidas@westminsteru.edu for more information.

Raíces Unidas Coordinators

Alex's headshot

Alex Lopez


  • Major: Psychology
  • Hobbies: Making art and listening to music
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Fun Fact: Can name every Pokemon in existence
Belen's headshot

Belen Busquets


  • Major: Environmental Science
  • Minor: Geology
  • Hobbies: Roller-skating, dancing to Latin music, drinking mate, and spending time with friends
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Fun Fact: Loves peppermint tea, tacos, movies, concerts, and being outdoors