Fire Safety Systems

Building Name Fire Alarm Monitoring Emergency Procedures Sprinkler System Smoke Detection Fire Extinguishers Evacuation Plans Number of Fire Drills CO Detection
Stock Hall X X X X X X 2 X
Behnken Hall X X X X X X 2 X
Olwell Hall X X X X X X 2 X
Hogle Hall X X X X X X 2  
Carleson Hall X X X X X X 2  
Arbogast House       X X     X
Peterson House       X X     X
Palmer House       X X     X
Reherd House       X X     X
Watson House       X X     X

Stock Hall, Behnken Hall, Olwell Hall, Hogle Hall, and Carleson Hall are equipped with fire alarms and full fire sprinkler systems.

The building alarms sound when a smoke detector in the main corridor of the building is activated or a sprinkler head detects heat or is broken. Each individual bedroom and all common areas are equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler heads. All apartments/main corridors of the buildings are equipped with fire extinguishers and alarms.

Interior room/apartment alarms do not sound the entire building’s alarm when activated. The building alarm will activate if a sprinkler head is activated or if a smoke detector in an ADA room is activated.

Building Inspections are conducted by the campus fire marshal to ensure that all components of the building fire protection systems are functioning properly.

If activated, all residence hall fire alarm systems result in a signal being transmitted immediately to a monitoring place (Mountain Alarm). The fire department and Campus Security will be notified immediately upon activation of the building alarms.

Olwell Hall, Behnken Hall, and Stock Hall apartments are equipped with two carbon monoxide detectors. If activated, these CO detectors result in a signal being transmitted immediately to a monitoring place (Mountain Alarm). The fire department and Campus Security will be notified immediately upon activation of the CO detectors.

Smoking Policy

Residence Life policy and Utah state law prohibits smoking inside buildings and within 25 feet of building entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes. This applies to tobacco and all smoking materials, including e-cigarettes. Evidence of smoking, including residual odor, will be treated as a violation of this policy. Smoking out of windows, on the balconies, or at the front doors of residence halls is also prohibited. Residents in continual violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Open Flames Policy

Open flames, including candles, incense, menorahs, kerosene lamps and stoves, and other similar items, are not permitted in the residence halls. Residents with burnt candles or other violations of the open flame policy are subject to the following disciplinary schedule.

  • First offense: $25 fine
  • Second offense: $50 fine
  • Third offense: $100 fine
  • Fourth offense: Removal from campus housing

Appliance Policy

Circuit overloading is a cause of electrical failure and a potential fire hazard. With the growth of electrical appliances in the residence halls, the potential for circuit overloading has increased. In order to reduce the load on residence hall electrical circuits and eliminate the fire hazard posed by some appliances, the following restrictions have been set on the use or possession of electrical appliances:

  1. With the exception of small refrigerators and coffee makers, use or possession of any electrical appliance employed in food preparation or storage is prohibited in Hogle and Carleson rooms (e.g., microwave ovens, toaster ovens, hot plates, large refrigerators, skillets, toasters, etc.). If you would like to use one of these items, you may use and store them in the kitchen area. In Olwell, Behnken, Stock, and Westminster on the Draw, uses of the above named items are allowed only in the kitchen areas.
  2. Irons, portable hair dryers, curlers, and other appliances of less than 500 watts are permitted.
  3. Only appliances approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), or Intertek (EL), are permitted. All appliances must be used properly and only for their intended purposes. The university reserves the right at all times to restrict the use of and/or confiscate appliances thought to pose fire and safety hazards.

Non-Permitted Items and Activities

The following items are not permitted within any residence halls or university-owned housing:

  • Candles
  • Halogen lamps
  • Smoking
  • Live Christmas trees and other natural decorative greenery
  • Ceiling tapestries
  • Space heaters

Never hang items on sprinkler pipes or a sprinkler head. Tampering with sprinkler pipes and sprinkler heads can cause significant flooding and water damage. Do not cover or otherwise obstruct sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, and/or other fire detection and suppression equipment.