Drive with Pride, Support Students

A Westminster license plate is a great way to show your school pride while supporting the 98% of Westminster students who recieve scholarships. Westminster license plates provide about $12,000 in student aid each year.

Faculty, staff, and students who purchase a Westminster license plate also enjoy a parking pass discount.




Westminster license plates cost $54.50 for the first year. Recent graduates can register for a free plate.

Of your $54.50...

  • $30 is an initial donation to the scholarship fund
  • $20.50 covers a one-time license plate registration fee
  • $4 is spent on shipping your new plate to you

Your $30 donation may be tax-deductible. Please check with your tax advisor.

Griff the Griffin holding a Westminster license plate in front of Converse

Westminster University branded license plate



You can get a Westminster plate anytime; you don't have to wait for your annual registration renewal. Your Westminster plate will come with registration decals that match your current vehicle registration.



By direct mail (requires payment by check)

Fill out a direct mail order form and mail it to the DMV with a $51 check made out to the Utah State Tax Commission. The state will forward your donation to Westminster and mail your plates and state tags directly to you. Your $30 donation is renewed with your annual vehicle registration.


At the Department of Motor Vehicles

Complete the required forms and pay at the DMV. For more information call 801.297.7780.

Renewing Your Westminster Plate

Your annual $30 donation is added into the total amount shown on your state vehicle registration materials. Be sure to review your registration form carefully: A line item specifically showing "Westminster University Plates" must appear on your form. Westminster will not receive your donation if “collegiate plates” or any other listing appears.