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framed artwork of a cougar, snake, eagle, and elkBen Houden Cougar Smokes oil on canvas (2024)


oil painting of two people with text that reads "death who cares"Ben Houden Death oil on canvas (2024)


hello kitty standing on a pile of skullsBen Houden HELLo Kitty oil on canvas (2024)


red, white, and blue flag with an 's' in the top left corner, a woman holding a gun, and bullet holesBen Houden America oil on canvas (2024)


grey skull reaper with cartoonish figures and the words "love" and "you're not 1 to cry"Ben Houden RIP oil on canvas (2024)


abstract green and pink drawingBen Houden Vain oil on canvas (2024)


oil painting of a man on a couch set on fire with words that say "can you call an uber"Ben Houden Uber oil on canvas (2024)


drawings of characters around a skeleton carrying an axe with text that says "you bailed on me"Ben Houden Rat oil on canvas (2024)


sculpture of a grim reaperBen Houden Grim ceramic (2024)


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