Students sometimes face unusual or extenuating circumstances that prevent them from finishing a course or semester or otherwise complying with institutional deadlines. A Review Committee meets monthly to examine petitions made by students regarding retroactive record changes (e.g. medical withdrawal) and/or full or partial charges of tuition and fees. A student's petition, which includes a detailed letter, completed form and documentation of the unusual or extenuating circumstances, can be submitted to the Registrar's Office. All petitions must be submitted within six weeks after the end of the semester in question. Absent serious extenuating circumstances, requests submitted beyond six weeks after the end of the semester will not be considered. Because tuition insurance is recommended, petitions for removal of tuition charges are rarely approved even if the committee decides to approve a change to the academic record. If a petition for refund is granted, changes will be made retroactive only to the last date of attendance, and tuition charges will be adjusted according to Westminster University's posted refund schedule found on the Student Account Services webpage. Reevaluation by the student's physician or counselor may be required prior to re-enrollment.

Following these guidelines, the Review Committee will either approve or deny all petitions. A student who thinks there has been unfair bias or encountered a procedural error made by this committee may appeal it in writing within ten calendar days to an Appeals Committee chaired by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The decision reached by this committee is final.

NOTE: The Review Committee cannot change rules regarding the amount of federal financial aid that must be returned when a student does not fulfill program requirements. Students are encouraged to read "Withdrawing and Its Effect on Financial Aid" section in the academic catalog and call or visit the Financial Aid Office to determine specific implications for anticipated registration changes. In many cases, if a student withdraws from classes both the federal and institutional financial aid award may be adjusted and all unpaid tuition resulting from the cancellation will become due immediately.

Instructions for submitting a petition to the Review Committee

Submit in writing a detailed letter (usually 1-3 pages in length) describing your reason for the petition and what you are requesting of the university. It is essential that the student include as many details as possible. In addition, the student should specifically state what they are requesting of the College regarding grades, scholarships, account, etc.
Submit documentation of extenuating circumstances. This can include documents such as a letter from a medical professional, instructor, obituary, or any other documents supporting the petition. A letter from a medical professional (M.D., LCSW, FNP, Counselor, etc.) should include the following: (1) Medical professional's name, title, phone number and address. (2) A clear summary of the diagnosis and how/why this condition is affecting the student's academic pursuits. (3) A detailed account of when the medical professional saw the student.