Some international governments require authentication of transcripts or a diploma by a state government in order to validate the credentials for use in their country. This is called an apostille and—in Utah—is issued by the lieutenant governor’s office. The apostille comes from the government, not Westminster. Details about the apostilles process are available from the Utah state government.

Students must have their documents (usually transcripts or diplomas, or both) notarized before submitting them to the lieutenant governor's office for the apostille. Ask for notarization when you place your order.

If you are not local, it’s recommended to provide written authorization to someone who is local to pick up your documents from Westminster, take them to the lieutenant governor's office, and mail them to the final destination.

Contact the Lt. Governor's Office


Lt. Governor’s Office
350 N State Street, Suite 220
PO Box 142325
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114