Westminster University offers a wide variety of study abroad programs to meet students' academic programs, budgets, and time constraints. When choosing a program, students are encouraged to consider 6 criteria:

  • Academics
  • Language abilities
  • Cost
  • Time constraints
  • Need for support services
  • Location

The Office for Global Engagement helps students sort through the many options to find the program that meets as many of these criteria as possible.

Find the Perfect Study Abroad Program



Research the Types of Study Abroad Programs Available



Attend a Study Abroad Fair

The fair is held twice a year, typically in September and January.


Research Costs and Scholarships

Research the cost for each program and what scholarships and financial aid can be applied. Additionally, apply for program-specific and national scholarships for study abroad.


Attend Orientation

Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation typically held in April for fall departures and December for spring departures.

Study Abroad Policies

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for a study abroad program, a student must be enrolled at Westminster at the time of application; completed one full-time semester; and be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing.


Credits earned on a study abroad program are considered transfer credit and will be evaluated based on the Criteria for the Acceptance of Transfer Credit. Students must complete the study abroad credit pre-approval process with their faculty advisor to determine how credits can fulfill degree requirements. Students who study abroad in the final semester prior to graduation will not be certified as graduated until the transcript from the program has been received and the credits have been posted to the degree audit. Study abroad credit is exempt from the Residency Requirement policy which requires the last 36 hours of coursework be taken in residence.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students utilizing federal financial must meet with a financial aid counselor to determine eligibility and complete required forms. Institutional merit scholarships and need based grants can only be used on study abroad exchange programs which bill Westminster tuition through a student’s tuition account. Tuition remission and tuition exchange benefits can only be used on a study abroad exchange program for a maximum of one semester.

Study Abroad FAQs

Study Abroad refers to a college or university student's participation in a structured, credit-granting program of academic study in a foreign country. The academic program of study is sponsored either by an accredited U.S. university or by a foreign university that is recognized in its own country. About 225,000 US students (out of 16 million university students) study abroad annually.

Yes, scholarships are available through Westminster University and outside organizations. Most scholarships are need-based. Visit the Study Abroad Program Funding page for more information.

Study abroad programs are offered throughout the year. Fall and spring semester programs are typically the same length as a semester at Westminster. Summer programs vary in length from 2-8 weeks long.

You can study abroad for a maximum of 2 semesters. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of times you can participate in a May Term Study Experience or summer study abroad.

No, Westminster works with a variety of study abroad program providers who offer programs in nearly every major.

Westminster has programs in over 50 countries. When considering a study abroad location, you should be flexible and focus primarily on choosing a program that fits your academic degree. Your budget will also be a factor when choosing a program location.

No. Although many study abroad programs offer the opportunity to learn a foreign language as part of the curriculum, you do not have to learn a foreign language to study abroad. Many programs in non-English speaking countries offer courses in English. However, studying abroad is a great way to learn a language or deepen your language skills, so don't be afraid to try something new.

Every program is different. The most common housing options are in a student dormitory, an apartment, or with a host family.

Westminster University encourages its students to study abroad in high-quality and challenging programs that include a combination of academics and cultural immersion. The college has vetted and approved programs that align with the college-wide learning goals and provide a diverse portfolio of program options to meet students' needs and interests.

Yes, you may study abroad. You should consult with International Student Services to discuss how to maintain your F-1 student visa.

Yes, but if you plan to study abroad for a semester, you need to meet with the Director of Compliance in the Athletics Department to ensure you maintain NCAA eligibility.

Yes, you will work closely with the Office for Global Engagement and Disability Services to discuss reasonable accommodations for a study abroad program.

As part of the application process, you will complete a credit pre-approval form with your faculty advisor to determine how study abroad credit will count towards your major or minor. Credits earned on study abroad can also fulfill WCore requirements. Participation in a study abroad program automatically fulfills the Engaging the World requirement.

Transfer credits are never calculated into the Westminster GPA, but graduate and professional programs will look at your study abroad grades when reviewing admissions applications.

For a semester study abroad program, you will earn 12-16 credits. Summer programs vary from 3-8 credits depending on the length of the program.

Yes and no. If you fail a class on campus or do not receive the minimum grade required, you may take the course on study abroad if approved by your faculty advisor. The course can fulfill the degree requirement but will not replace the previous grade. To replace a failing grade or to improve your GPA, you must repeat the class on campus.

University-Sponsored International Travel Registry

All Westminster University faculty, staff, and students traveling outside of the United States for university-related reasons must register their travel for the university's insurance purposes.

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