You must pay tuition or set up a payment plan by the first day of each semester, even if that is not your first day of class. Courses above the required credits for a program and repeated courses will be charged at the per credit hour rate and will result in a higher total cost for a program.

Program Name Cost Per Credit Hour Total Credit Hours

Total Estimated Tuition (Includes Fees)

Doctor of Nursing Practice $1,345 32 $43,040****
Doctor of Nursing Practice - Nurse Anesthesia $1,577 90 $141,930****
Master of Accountancy $1,168* 30 $35,040
Master of Arts in Community and Organizational Leadership $826 35 $28,910****
Master of Arts in Teaching $826 Based on selected program option $37,170****
Master of Business Administration $1,630** 32–37 $52,160–$60,310
Master of Business Administration in Technology Commercialization $1,630** 32–37 $52,160–$60,310
Master of Education $826 32 $26,432****
Master of Public Health $1,221 45 $59,945****
Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling $982 60 $58,920****
Master of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner $1,354 42 $56,868****
Project-Based Master of Business Administration (low-residency with online components) $1,630** 32–37 $52,160–$60,310
Master of Arts in Community Organizing and Social Activism and Master of Arts International Development and Service 3+1 $1,099 33–36 $69,645***
Master of Arts in Community Organizing and Social Activism and Master of Arts International Development and Service 2+2 $1,099 33–36 $55,680***

* Pricing for this program is all-inclusive (includes all course materials) and fixed for 5 years once enrolled as long as the student stays active in the program.
** Pricing for this program is fixed for 5 years once enrolled, as long as the student stays active in the program. Tuition for this program also includes all course materials and an international context tour.
*** Pricing is not yet final for the 2024–25 academic year.
**** Non-chort graduate programs are subject to annual tuition increases.

Once you have registered for courses, you can view any fees charged to you for that semester in Self-Service.

  • Any additional undergraduate courses required to meet prerequisites will be billed at the undergraduate tuition rate.
  • Book fees are allocations from tuition, not in addition to tuition.

Your cost of attendance will vary based upon which program you are enrolled in. Graduate cost of attendance is based on 12 months and taking at least 4 credit hours per semester as a student living off campus. The breakdown includes costs paid directly to Westminster (tuition and fees) as well as estimates of other expenses you may incur that vary and are not paid to Westminster (room and board, transportation, personal expenses, and the Federal Direct Student Loan Fee).

Graduate tuition and fees are dependent upon which program you are in and how many credit hours you are taking. See the current per credit hour cost for the program you are interested in enrolling in to determine the total cost of your tuition and fees for the number of credit hours you plan to take. International students are required to take 7 credits per semester to maintain full-time status for student visa requirements.

To determine your estimated total cost of attendance, add your total cost for tuition and fees to the estimated costs for room and board, transportation, and personal expenses.

If you are an international student and need help calculating your cost of attendance, email the International Admissions Office (

Cost Type Estimated Amount
Tuition and Fees Varies by program
Room and Board $19,560
Transportation $2,556
Personal Expenses $3,036
Federal Direct Student Loan Fee (U.S. citizens only)* $217

* The Federal Direct Student Loan Fee is an average for those receiving Federal Direct Student Loans and is only applicable to U.S. citizens.

Students enrolling in either IPSL Global Engagement graduate program (COSA or IDS) have the option to choose between two formats: three semesters away and one semester at home (3+1) or two semesters away and two semesters at home (2+2). Prices for both programs are inclusive of tuition, room and board, and study abroad/home semester fees, and are fixed with continuous enrollment for 4 semesters.

2023–24 Tuition and Fees

Format Tuition Room and Board Study Abroad/Home Term Fees Program Total
3+1 COSA or IDS
3  semesters abroad +
1 semester home
$9,891/semester x 4 = $39,564

$4,650/semester x 3 = $13,950

Three semesters away must be completed first.

$6,142/semester x 3 = $18,726

Includes 4 flights, $300 home semester course fee = $300

2+2 COSA or IDS
2 semesters abroad +
2 semesters home
$9,891/semester x 4 = $39,564 $4,650/semester x 2 = $9,300

$6,142/semester x 2 = $12,884

Includes 3 flights, $300 home semester course fee x 2 = $600


Graduate Fee

A $15 per credit hour fee is charged for Fall and Spring semesters. A portion of this fee ($7) will cover programming designed to better support the graduate student network and to contribute to graduate commencement. The remaining fee ($8) is a technology fee.