Tuition, room and board, and other special fees are due in full on the first day of the month a semester begins, unless a payment plan has been set up. Students unable to make the full payment must make other arrangements with Student Account Services by the first day of each semester.

Westminster offers a full range of financial aid opportunities—merit-based and income-based scholarships, grants, loans, and Federal Work-Study—to help make a Westminster education more accessible.

Each semester is billed according to the number of credit hours you're registered for in that semester. Waitlisted classes are not billed until you are officially added to the class.

Full-time registration is 12 or more credits in a semester. Westminster scholarships and federal student aid usually require full-time enrollment.

For each credit above 16, there is an additional charge of $1,792 per credit hour for tuition. See the following tuition and fees chart for a complete breakdown by credit hour of total semester charges. Additional fees may apply for certain classes including, but not limited to, nursing, education, photography, and private music lessons.

Enrolled Semester Hours Tuition HWAC Fee Student Activity Fee Publication Fee Total
1 $1,792 $0 $0 $0 $1,792
2 $3,584 $0 $30 $9 $3,623
3 $5,376 $0 $30 $9 $5,415
4 $7,168 $0 $30 $9 $7,207
5 $8,960 $0 $30 $9 $8,999
6 $10,752 $0 $30 $9 $10,791
7 $12,544 $0 $44 $9 $12,597
8 $14,336 $0 $44 $9 $14,389
9 $16,128 $0 $44 $9 $16,181
10 $17,920 $0 $44 $9 $17,973
11 $19,712 $0 $44 $9 $19,765
12–16 $21,504 $60 $57 $9 $21,630
17 $23,296 $60 $57 $9 $23,422
18 $25,088 $60 $57 $9 $25,214
19 $26,880 $60 $57 $9 $27,006
20 $28,672 $60 $57 $9 $28,798


  • $300 Orientation Fee for first-year students starting Fall semester (one-time fee)
  • $100 Orientation Fee for first-year students starting Spring semester (one-time fee)
  • $100 Transfer Fee for transfer students starting Fall or Spring semester (one-time fee)

Programs with Special Pricing

Some undergraduate programs are priced at a per credit hour cost instead of the standard undergraduate tuition and fees.

Program Name Cost per Credit Hour Total Credit Hours Total Estimated Tuition Fees
Bachelor of Business Administration (low-residency with online components) $500*

Varies with prior learning assessment.**

Varies with prior learning assessment. None

* BBA students pay BBA rates for BBA classes and regular rates for traditional classes.
** Before any credits potentially earned through a prior learning assessment, each of the 5 project sequences in the Bachelor of Business Administration program consist of 12 credit hours (totaling 60 credit hours for all sequences).

Course Audits

The tuition charge for auditing a course is $896 per credit hour for undergraduate programs. No student activity fees are assessed for audits. The technology fee will apply to classes being audited, but no student activity fees or publication fees are assessed.

If you're going to live on campus, you'll need to review the residence hall application process.

Housing Options

Residence Fall Semester Spring Semester Year
Traditional-Style Double (Hogle and Carleson Halls) $3,610 $3,610 $7,220
Apartment-Style Single (Olwell, Behnken, and Stock Halls) $4,537 $4,537 $9,074

Meal Plans

Residential students are required to purchase meal plans while living on campus. Residential students purchase their meal plans through Residence Life using the eRezLife portal. Commuter students may voluntarily purchase any meal plan.

Meal plan accommodations for medical reasons may be requested through Student Disability Services. Meal plan accommodations for religious or cultural reasons may be requested through the Dean of Students Office.

Meal Plan Options (Mandatory Selection) Who It's For Semester Year
Gold Meal Plan All students. This plan is recommended for first-year students and averages 2 meals per day. $2,576 $5,152
Purple Meal Plan All students. $2,038 $4,076
Copper Meal Plan Juniors, seniors, graduate, and commuter students only. $1,770 $3,540
Birch Meal Plan Commuter students only. $579 $1,158

Remaining meal plan balances for currently enrolled students carry forward from fall to spring semester and from spring semester through May Term (first 4 weeks of summer term). Meal plan balances do not carry forward from one academic year to the next.

Learn more about Campus Dining

The undergraduate cost of attendance (COA) is based on a 12-16 credit hour semester for a student living on campus using allowable costs per Department of Education guidelines. The breakdown includes costs paid directly to Westminster as well as estimates of other expenses you may incur that are not paid to Westminster.*

Cost Type Estimated Cost per Year Estimated Cost per Semester
Tuition and Fees $43,260 $21,630
Living Expenses (Room and Board)** $14,038 $7,019
Books and Supplies $1,094 $547
Transportation $1,602 $801
Personal Expenses $1,422 $711
Total $61,416 $30,708

*In addition to the amounts listed in the COA, entering undergraduate students are assessed a one-time Orientation or Transfer Fee depending on their status:

  • $300 Orientation fee for First Year Fall Student
  • $100 Orientation fee for First Year Spring Student
  • $100 Transfer fee for First Year Spring Student

**The living expenses component is an average based on the gold meal plan and a double room, along with an allowance for off campus related expenses.

Discount Credits

Westminster provides affordable options for students to maintain academic progress toward timely graduation. The summer term study model is a sustainable way for Westminster to provide affordable academic opportunities for students who want to explore engaging topics and/or to remain on track for graduation.

Payment of full-time undergraduate tuition for one semester fall or spring earns a 50% tuition rate reduction on your summer tuition. Payment of full-time undergraduate fall and spring tuition earns you an 80% rate reduction on your summer tuition rate.

If you are not full-time or have not paid your tuition for the fall or spring semesters, the rate reduction will not apply and you will be responsible for the charges.

The summer term rate reduction is only applicable to regular undergraduate programs for students charged at the rates listed in the summer tuition chart. They do not apply to the Bachelor of Business Administration programs, or any other undergraduate program that is billed at an already discounted rate. The summer tuition discount does not apply to the IPSL program.

Tuition Breakdown by Credit Hour

Tuition: $1,792 per credit hour

Summer term trips will have additional charges billed separately from your tuition.

Credit Hours Total Tuition Charges With No Discount Credits Total Tuition Charges with 50% Discount Earned Total Tuition Charges with 80% Discount Earned
1 $1,792 $896 $358
2 $3,584 $1,792 $717
3 $5,376 $2,688 $1,075
4 $7,168 $3,584 $1,434
5 $8,960 $4,480 $1,792
6 $10,752 $5,376 $2,150
7 $12,544 $6,272 $2,509
8 $14,336 $7,168 $2,867
9 $16,128 $8,064 $3,226
10 $17,920 $8,960 $3,584
11 $19,712 $9,856 $3,942
12 $21,504 $10,752 $4,301
13 $23,296 $11,648 $4,659
14 $25,088 $12,544 $5,018
15 $26,880 $13,440 $5,376
16 $28,672 $14,336 $5,734

MTSE and Internship Rates

Summer tuition rates exclude MTSE (May-Term Study Experience), GEOL 360: Field Geology, and internship courses. In these cases, no tuition is charged, and there is an administrative fee of $100/credit.

Available for degree-seeking students actively enrolled in a minimum of 2 credit hours and in good standing with the Dean of Students Office.

Room 4 Weeks 8 Weeks Full Summer
Single $944 $1,888 $2,832
Double $735 $1,470 $2,206