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ASW Creative

Let the ASW creative team help you with all your marketing and advertising needs!

What is ASW Creative?

ASW Creative is made of a group of talented students who meet biweekly to create and manage all advertising for the five ASW branches and student-organized events. The team is managed by ASW’s Executive Creative Director. We focus on event advertising, but we also take brand identity and banner requests. Keep in mind that ASW Creative is a team of students, for students. If you are needing advertising/creative/design help and are not a student, please contact Westminster’s Office of Marketing and Communications. Their resources will better fit your needs.

Why is there always a 4-week deadline?

If you’re asking yourself, “Why does it take four weeks to simply print some posters,” then please view this helpful document. ASW Creative aspires to create great work and meaningful designs, and in order to accomplish this, we need time. The design process includes brainstorming, creating drafts, presenting drafts to the client, peer review and feedback, more drafts, printing, and distribution.

Request Forms

Allow ASW Creative to conceptualize your next event campaign. Please allow at least 4 weeks for the design process and printing (this includes one week for displaying your designs). 


Let ASW Creative assist you in creating a logo and brand identity for your club or organization. Please allow at least 4 weeks to navigate through the design process.

Have you seen those cool vinyl table banners that other clubs have at fairs and tabling events? Let ASW Creative help you design and print a banner for your club. A standard banner (30″ x 60″) costs $35.00. Please allow 4 weeks for the design process and printing.


Have an event or something that you would like posted on the ASW social media? Let the ASW Executive Director of Social Media help you out!


Email the Executive Creative Director, Lily McKay , to have your club info updated on the website.

The People Behind ASW Creative

Lily Mckay, Executive Creative Director

Vacant, Senior Designer

Vacant Designer

Vacant, Designer

Vacant, Social Media Manager

Contact Executive Creative Director, Lily Mckay with any questions, concerns, comments, or feedback that you have regarding ASW Creative.

Interested in joining ASW Leadership? 

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