International internships are a great way to gain job experience, professional skills training, and learn valuable intercultural communication skills. The following options are available to Westminster undergraduates.

Summer International Internships

Westminster partners with several internship providers to offer full-time internship placements for the summer semester. Students who are interested in applying for an internship will work collaboratively with the Office for Global Engagement, the Career Center, and the internship provider.

Study Abroad and Internships

Students also have the option to complete a semester abroad program during fall or spring semester and add an internship to that experience. Visit the Office for Global Engagement for more information on available options.

Independently Organized

Westminster students who have a contact overseas can work directly with the Career Center to arrange an international internship and earn Westminster credit. It’s important to arrange everything in advance of the internship, as credit can never be awarded retroactively.

Engaging the World

Westminster students who successfully complete an international internship that has been approved in advance by the Office for Global Engagement and the Career Center can use that experience to fulfill the Engaging the World graduation requirement. The internship class must be for a minimum of 3 credit hours, and the student must earn a grade of C- or better for the class.