Every Westminster student has the right to a safe and gender-affirming living situation in their on-campus housing.

Housing Separation by Gender

First-year residential areas, both in traditional and apartment building styles, are still separated by the gender binary. Returning students pick who they live with, and as long as all roommates agree to it, they can live with whomever they want.

Residence Life Office Services

Residence Life contacts gender-variant and trans students and helps them find the most comfortable living option for them—they can live wherever they want. This is done by Erin Gantz (egantz@westminsteru.edu), who reaches out to students whose answer to the biological sex and gender identity questions are different. A student may also reach out proactively to Residence Life by emailing housing@westminsteru.edu with any questions regarding their housing situation.

Housing Requests and Concerns Procedures

Students can contact Residence Life to request gender-neutral housing and can also make an appointment to meet with someone from the office.

There are many opportunities to get to know other first-year students and find people you feel comfortable around. If you find someone you’re comfortable with, you can create roommate groups in your housing application, but all parties must accept.

If you end up in a living situation that at any point feels uncomfortable because of your identity, you can come to Residence Life during business hours or call the RA on-call after hours to find a comfortable and safe living situation.


If you have questions about housing for transgender, non-binary, and non-cisgendered students, email Residence Life at housing@westminsteru.edu.