The Professional and Continuing Education department's programs and resources offer a powerful avenue to recognize and advance talented employees, fuel creativity, and promote innovation by empowering future leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve challenges. Westminster partners with organizations to ensure that your employees have the support and flexibility necessary to navigate their career, personal life, and school.

With an ever-changing market and business landscape, Westminster recognizes that it is vitally important for you to offer professional enhancement opportunities to the employees that you want to retain. And, those opportunities need to be relevant to the specific needs of your organization. To assist with that, the Professional and Continuing Education department can customize what it offers or help you create something totally new to fulfill your needs by pulling from the experts at Westminster. These customized opportunities can be as focused as a leadership or project management course or as complex as a fully-customized bachelor’s or master's degree.

Some past clients for customized trainings, certificates, and programs include major corporations such as Arnold Machinery, Discover Card, Mountain America Credit Union, O.C. Tanner, and Phillips Edison & Company.


  • Employees that go through customized trainings, certificates, or programs as a cohort enhance their learning experience by learning from and with their colleagues.
  • Dedicated support services are available to participants and are geared towards assisting adults who work full time.
  • Students and faculty have regular interaction that fits around busy schedules and varying responsibilities.
  • Group office hours can be made available at an organization’s location so that employees can get support services that they need in an accessible and convenient environment that also builds relationships between employees.

Customization Opportunities

Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program is an established certificate program at Westminster that may be customized to fit your organization's needs. This certificate gives employees the skillsets needed to motivate those around them to work together and help the organization thrive. Those that complete this program can also take advantage of special offers designed to accelerate completion of either the Bachelor of Business Administration or Project-Based Master of Business Administration programs.

Fully-Customized Academic Degree

When your employees enroll in one of Westminster’s academic programs that feature project-based coursework, they will have the opportunity to complete projects that are directly applicable to the work they do at their job. This ensures that you are getting a return on your investment if you are funding this degree program. This also enhances the employee's job satisfaction and loyalty to you. The Bachelor of Business Administration program offers a special additional opportunity to earn academic credits through a Prior Learning Assessment for professional experience. Explore these project-based programs:

New Training or Certificate

If Westminster doesn't offer exactly what you are looking for, the Professional and Continuing Education department will collaborate with experts on campus to create an entirely new certificate or training program that fits your specific needs.


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