Requests Are Unavailable

The Distinguished Resident Apartment is unavailable at this time. Contact the President’s Office if you have any questions.

The Distinguished Resident Apartment is a renovated ground-floor dorm space in Hogle Hall, available to Westminster University guests who would like to stay on campus during their visit. Often, distinguished campus visitors including lecturers, speakers, poets, and researchers reserve this comfortable, small apartment at no cost. The apartment includes a full kitchen, one bathroom, a small living area, and a bedroom.

Because the space is in high demand, the guest's host must submit this form to request a reservation. Reservations are not confirmed until you receive approval from the Provost's Office. Reservations are granted on a first come, first served basis. You will be notified if your reservation must be cancelled due to unexpected circumstances. To ensure your guest has a place to stay during their visit, please have a backup plan ready in case the apartment is already booked.

Questions? Contact the Provost's Office.