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Community Clinic and Training Center

The Westminster Community Clinic and Training Center focuses on improving the lives of our community by providing free mental health counseling and treatment to those most in need.

Clinic counselors are graduate students in Westminster's Master of Counseling program and are skilled at treating mental health issues. Counselors also work under the supervision of faculty or a licensed mental health provider.

Because this is a training clinic and does not have a psychiatric prescriber, we cannot provide treatment for severe alcohol or substance use problems, chronic or acute suicidality, unmedicated psychosis, or issues that may require more intensive treatment. If you are a current Westminster student looking for mental health counseling, please contact the Counseling Center.


Crisis Intervention

The Community Clinic and Training Center does not provide crisis services. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, go to your nearest emergency room, use the SafeUT App, or call:

  • Huntsman Mental Health Institute Crisis Line (Available 24/7): Call 801.587.3000
  • National Crisis Textline: Text “START” to 741741
  • 24-hour Warm Line (non-life-threatening distress): Call 801.587.1055
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline available 24/7: Call 1.800.273.8255
  • The Trevor Project (available 24/7): Call 866.488.7386 or text START to 67867
  • Call 911 or 988


Treatment Options

The Community Clinic and Training Center provides free personalized treatment for all ages, including children and adolescents. Mental health treatment areas include trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, attachment issues, bipolar, and addictions.


Individual counseling provides one-on-one therapeutic support to address your concerns.


Family counseling is for all or some family members to strengthen relationships, set goals, and improve communication.


Couples counseling allows partners to work through any relationship stressors they may be facing.


The clinic provides group counseling focusing on a variety of mental health challenges. Contact us (call 801.832.2910 or email to find out what groups are being offered.


Contact the Community Clinic and Training Center

To contact us or to schedule an appointment, call 801.832.2910 or email The clinic is not able to provide walk-in services.

Clinic Location:
Gore School of Business, Room B14
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Current Clinic Hours

The Community Clinic and Training Center is currently open:

  • Monday: 12:30–7:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 12:30–5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 12:30–5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday: 12:30–7:00 p.m.

Staff are available by phone and email during working hours. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an intake appointment.


Clinic Staff and Counselors

Anna LieberAnna Lieber (she/hers) has been working in behavioral health for over 25-years and graduated from the University of Phoenix (CACREP) with a MS in Mental Health Counseling. Anna has been working with Westminster since 2019 and started full-time as the CCE Clinical Director in 2022. She is passionate about mental health and clinical supervision.

Anna has extensive experience in the treatment and program development for many disorders/populations including military issues, LGBTQIA+, trauma/PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorders, suicide prevention/assessment, management of chronic suicidality, and substance use.

Anna is currently a member of UMHCA, AMHCA, ACA, ACES, AAS, NBCC, and the LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist Guild of Utah.

Katryna Joubert

Katryna Joubert is excited to join Westminster's Community Clinical and Training Center as a Clinical Supervisor for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Katryna is a proud Utah native; she earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Weber State University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Utah. She has over 15 years of experience in mental health care working in the areas trauma/PTSD, addiction, depression, grief/loss, self-compassion, and family/relationship counseling.

Katryna's experience includes administrative and clinical supervision across residential, outpatient and telehealth settings, and she loves supporting the development and growth of students!

Please direct any questions regarding care and services to our clinic by phone 801.832.2910 or email

McCall Matson-Roberts headshotMcCall Matson-Roberts (she/her) is a second-year student in Westminster's Clinical Mental Health Counseling master’s program and is currently under the supervision of Katryna Joubert, LCSW. 

McCall approaches therapy with the goal of creating a safe & judgment free space where clients can expand their self-compassion, challenge their limiting beliefs, process their emotions, and gain adaptive beliefs & coping strategies.

Kenzie Stocking

Kenzie Stocking is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student under the supervision of Katryna Joubert, LCSW. 

Kenzie uses a collaborative and compassionate approach to counseling. Kenzie believes that counseling can benefit anyone at any life stage and is excited that you have taken the courageous steps needed to come to counseling.

Kenzie will meet you where you are at in the counseling space and believes you are the expert in your own life. She approaches counseling from the perspective that the life experiences we all have shape our current thoughts and worldview which then shapes our current behaviors and actions. She will work with you to explore which thoughts and behaviors might be problematic to you, where they came from, and how you want to reframe the thoughts and behaviors to meet your goals in counseling.

Taylor Beer

Taylor Beer (she/her/hers) is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student under the supervision of Christy Calderon, LCMHC. 

Taylor approaches counseling from a person-centered and multicultural perspective. She believes that every client and their experiences are unique, and that counseling should reflect this. Taylor also believes in creating a safe and empathetic environment that meets individuals where they are to harness their ability to create positive change. Her goal is to encourage and support individuals in finding greater life meaning and self-acceptance. 

When she is not at the CCTC or in class, Taylor enjoys spending time with her family, baking, roller-skating, crocheting, and doing nail art. 

Kelsey Laramie

Kelsey Laramie (she/her/hers) is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student under the supervision of Katryna Joubert, MSW, LCSW. 

Kelsey’s approach to counseling is person-centered with a focus on the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. She is interested in how these impact your relationships and the impact they have on your worldview. Kelsey also believes in the value of increasing your self-awareness, optimism, and social interest. She will strive to understand your presenting problems from multiple angles and work collaboratively with you to set and achieve your therapeutic goals. 

Ray Wagner

Ray Wagner (he/him) is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at Westminster University under the supervision of Anna Lieber, LCMHC.

Ray believes it takes courage to come to therapy and that being vulnerable in therapy can be a powerful way to work through challenges and develop a deeper understanding of oneself. 

Ray sees his role as supporting you in living a more meaningful and authentic life. He approaches therapy from an existential perspective, focusing on unpacking the barriers in your life that limit your ability to find balance and live an authentic life. Ray believes that therapy is a collaborative process and looks forward to bringing compassion, curiosity, and intention to his role as a therapist. 

Shandy Smith

Shandy Smith (she/her/hers) is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student at Westminster University under the supervision of Christy Calderon, LCMHC. 

In counseling, Shandy’s approach involves compassion, empathy, and understanding. She hopes to create a space in which you can explore your thoughts and create meaning in your lived experiences. Shandy believes in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and hopes that her focus on building trust will foster space for authenticity and growth. 

Adrian Brazell

Adrian is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student at Westminster University working under the supervision of Anna Lieber, LCMHC. 

Adrian approaches counseling from the perspective that finding personal meaning in life as well as self-compassion are critical to healing and flourishing. Adrian strives to create a space where clients can freely explore the challenges they are facing in an authentic and judgment free manner. Adrian is especially interested in helping clients gain insight into how their history, family, friends and the environments they inhabit shapes them as well as exploring and discovering their deeper motivations and goals for themselves.

Mercedes Butterworth

Mercedes Butterworth (she/her) is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student under the supervision of Christina Calderon, LCMHC.

Practicing from a person-centered counseling lens, Mercedes strives to create a safe and empathetic space where clients can explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Mercedes believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship to foster self-discovery and transformation. She aims to help clients explore their stresses, concerns, and strengths, and work to find ways to create balance and life satisfaction.

Jocelyne Lopez

Jocelyne Lopez is a bilingual (Spanish/English) Clinical Mental Health Counseling student under the supervision of Anna Lieber, LCMHC. 

Jocelyne approaches counseling from a perspective that emphasizes the empowering and liberation of individuals. Jocelyne uses concepts from a systems perspective throughout counseling, which allows the exploration of how relationships, community, culture, and the environment influence you. Jocelyne will help you explore the way you interact with those around you, as well as how systems affect your emotions, thoughts and behavior. Additionally, Jocelyne’s work focuses on integrating traditional ways of healing into treatment modalities so that multicultural individuals can receive personalized care. With all of these tools, Jocelyne hopes to guide you in creating growth and power to become a more authentic version of yourself. 

When not in school or at the office, Jocelyne enjoys reading, spending time with her family and friends, listening to music and traveling.

Kaylin Weed

Kaylin Weed (she/her) is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student under the supervision of Anna Lieber, LCMHC.

My counseling experience has primarily involved working with adolescents and adults healing from trauma and substance use disorder. I approach counseling from a multicultural family systems perspective, which emphasizes meaning and responsibility within our families and communities. In session, we would work together to explore your concerns, strengths, and sense of purpose on an individual and systemic level. My ultimate goal is to help you embrace vulnerability, achieve personal growth, and create long-lasting change.