December 21, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Despite the challenges of 2020, we have much to appreciate and celebrate. As we leave this year behind, please take a few minutes to peruse the compilation of triumphs and lessons learned.

During the first week of January, all staff and full-time faculty should see a $25 dining credit for Bon Appétit available through their campus identification card for use during the spring semester. Come to campus, share an excellent meal, and enjoy the warmth of friendship and shared purpose. The New Year will also bring occasions to come together for Community Days with a Town Hall on January 12, and activity dedicated to wellness on January 13. We hope you can find an hour or two each of these days to participate.

Finally, as you leave or spend time off campus during the winter break, please continue to stay safe. Stay home as much as you can. Take walks in the snow, play games with your household members, binge watch Netflix, try a new recipe, read a book or two, play an instrument; be vigilant while knowing that anyone, at any time, can become ill without knowing why. Take care as you celebrate, so that we see you in the new year healthy, strong, and ready to be together.

Happy holidays,