May 20 , 2024

Dear Campus Community and Friends of Westminster University,

I regret to share that longtime Westminster University Board of Trustee, Oscar Wood Moyle, IV passed away suddenly on Sunday, May 19, 2024, following complications from surgery.

Wood received his MBA from Westminster in 2006. He joined the Westminster Board of Trustees in 2009 and has held positions as chair of the Advancement Committee and Governance Committee and member of the Investment and Executive Committees, and as trustee to the Bill & Vieve Gore Endowment Fund Trust.

Wood also served on foundations that generously supported Westminster, including as a director of the Edward L. Burton Foundation and director and chair of the R. Harold Burton Foundation. Wood was involved in many other organizations, including serving at the Natural History Museum of Utah as the chair of the Lecture Committee and member of the Advisory Board (1998–present). He concurrently served on the Rowland Hall Board of Trustees as a past Nominating Committee chair and the recent Capital Campaign chair (2012–present).

Wood loved military history and was an avid fan of college football. He is survived by his mother Judy, wife Becca, son Ocky, and daughter Emma, who currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wood’s contributions to Westminster will be remembered for years to come.

Beth Dobkin