From the President: Working Together Under Extreme Circumstances

March 16, 2020

Dear Griffins,

We are all grappling with uncertainty that can bring reactions from mild depression to paralysis or panic. There are countless questions about the college that will keep coming, and answers that we will continue to provide as soon as we can. When will we have classes on campus again? How will we change the ways we recruit and retain students when we can’t meet with them? What will happen to our performances, events, and commencement? We’ll keep adjusting as best we can, consistent with our core values. Then, there are all the personal unknowns that we share. Am I going to get sick? Will I be able to leave my house? Do I have enough food and supplies? How will I care for my family?

I understand the difficulty and stress of managing all of this uncertainty right now. I’m thankful that we have such an incredibly strong, compassionate, and talented community working together under extreme circumstances.

A significant source of our strength lies in our ability to work together, even as we learn new ways of doing it and adopt strategies that help keep us all healthy. As we practice social distancing and self-isolation, I hope we still find safe ways to engage in social contact. We retain and expand our humanness when we interact with others, and physical distance can amplify emotional distance. We simply must retain and find new ways to stay connected.

We want to ensure that all who have been adversely affected by this unprecedented situation feel safe and supported. Our Counseling Center has provided a list of resources that students and others can access to help manage stress and keep perspective. I appreciate the attentiveness and care everyone has shown to our students and each other. It’s what we do best.

Thank you for your efforts.

Warm regards,
President Dobkin