Painting and Drawing Studios

Painting and drawing courses are held in one of two dedicated studios on the top floor of historic Converse Hall, which features extraordinary views toward the Wasatch mountain range and the Great Salt Lake. Each studio is illuminated by natural light from two large skylights.

Dolores Doré Eccles Ceramic Center

The ceramics program provides a comprehensive approach to the development of skills and techniques necessary for successful work in clay. The new Ceramics Center provides ample work space and dedicated areas for handbuilding, throwing, glazing, glaze mixing, firing, and materials storage.

Features of the center include:

  • Electric kilns
  • Electric wheels
  • Bailey and Brent slab rollers
  • Laguna spray booth
  • Soldner clay mixer
  • Glaze room
  • Damp room
  • Raku kiln
  • Alpine updraft gas kiln
  • Figure sculpture lab

Photography Lab

The Photography Lab provides support for both traditional and digital image making. The darkroom features the finest Beseler and Omega enlargers for archival printing from 35mm–4”x 5” film, in sizes up to 20”x 24.” We are also equipped for traditional color printing, and have Sinar 4”x 5” cameras available for use.

Each station in the digital side of the lab runs the full Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as Cinema 4D. Whether you prefer processing your photographs with Photoshop or Lightroom, editing your videos in Premier, or building your models and animations in Cinema 4D, you’ll have all the tools you need to bring your vision to life. Dual-monitor iMacs drive top-end Epson flatbed scanners and Epson pigment printers for museum-quality stable prints in sizes up to 44”x 66.”

Jaramillo Vlahakis Collaborative Arts Studio

The Jaramillo Vlahakis Collaborative Arts Studio features cutting-edge tools for digital drawing and painting, 2-D and 3-D animation and modeling, laser and CNC spindle router cutting, 3-D printing and scanning, and a wide array of hand tools, electronics, and other equipment for creative projects and experimentation.

Private Studios

Private, secure studio space is available to upper-division students who are enrolled in advanced courses or working on their senior capstone project.

Student Resources

Advertising and Promotional Materials

  • Modern Postcard: postcards and printed advertising materials.
  • Vistaprint: postcards and printed advertising materials.
  • Kinkos: postcards, posters, etc. with quick turnaround for small quantities.

Professional Organizations

Exhibition Information

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