This program offers distinctive learning opportunities for students to pursue their passions both in and out of the classroom. We work closely with our students as they work toward their goals, and recognize that success isn't one size fits all. Above all, we hope our students engage in their learning and graduate ready to make a difference as local and global citizens.

"The environmental studies program helped me gain work experience that set me apart from other law students seeking opportunities in environmental and natural resources law. My time working at environmental non-profits and the Utah Department of Natural Resources before law school demonstrated to potential employers that I had experience relating to environmental issues in ways that other job candidates didn’t."

Meg Osswald ’09, JD, assistant attorney general for the Utah Department of Natural Resources

Summer Research Fellowships

The environmental studies department offers two summer-research fellowships for students to pursue independent research. Past projects have included designing a new campus garden, conducting a feasibility study of green roofs, examining perceptions of climate change in rural Alaska, and comparing uranium mining in Kazakhstan and Southern Utah. Students have presented their work in art galleries and academic conferences around the country.

Environmental Studies Abroad

More than 20 percent of environmental-studies students study abroad. We work closely with the Office for Global Engagement to identify high-quality programs that meet our program goals and align with students' learning objectives.

The environmental studies program also has partnerships with two study abroad program providers: Round River Conservation Studies and The School for Field Studies.

campsite in the woods for environmental studies group

Westminster Expedition

During the 2017 Fall Semester, 16 students, two professors, and a program coordinator will load books, camping gear, and themselves into a couple of vans and hit the road for a semester-long tour of the American West.


"The environmental studies program was water to the seeds in my mind. Ideas and concepts I learned through the program germinated and took root starting my first year. I still find so much of what I learned relevant. The conversations we had in class often still come up in my sustainability work today, whether discussing the social complexities of GMO seeds or 'SMART' goals in program development. The environmental studies program served as an invaluable foundation and training."

Alizabeth Potucek ’13, program assistant for Rim to Rim Restoration in Moab, UT and former agricultural extension agent in Peace Corps Cameroon