Any Westminster student can register for private voice lessons. You will have 13 lessons per semester, each lasting 30 minutes for one credit hour, or 60 minutes for two credit hours. These courses are graded and cannot be audited. The majority of your lesson will be focused on technique, repertoire, and artistry.


For students pursuing a music major or minor, private lessons are offered at the cost of tuition.

Non-music majors and minors who are not enrolled in a performing ensemble will pay a fee of $150 per credit in addition to regular tuition.


You will work with your instructor to choose a weekly lesson time that fits with your schedule. To register, please contact Assistant Professor Christopher Puckett within the first two weeks of the semester at

You are expected to show up on time and prepared for your lessons. If you’ll be late, notify your teacher immediately. If you need to cancel, you must give your teacher at least a 24-hour notice. Teachers are not required to reschedule lessons canceled by students, for any reason. If a teacher cancels your lesson, it will be made up during the semester.

Additional Requirements

  • All students must attend three studio masterclasses each semester.
  • All lessons (including make-up lessons) must be completed before the last day of class each semester.
  • Students will not be required to spend more than $30 on music per semester.
  • Vocal majors and minors must attend the midterm performance day. If you miss this day or are not prepared, you will lose 15 percent of your final grade.
  • Vocal majors and minors must perform a vocal jury. If you do not perform a jury during the course of the semester, you will receive an incomplete grade on your transcript.