group of chamber choir students wearing masks in largge bus

May 31, 2022

Dr. Jane Fjeldsted, Choir Director

We arrived at the Salt Lake City airport knowing there was a chance we’d miss our connection in Amsterdam, because it was already weather delayed.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we were re-booked for a new flight and ended up waiting over 6 hours to board. With all the changes we felt very fortunate that no luggage was lost, and they were able to get our group together on one flight. No small feat!

We arrived in Rome, all tired but smiling. Considering the long “day” and it’s challenges, this group is full of anticipation, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness. Such good people to travel with. We have some for whom this is first time outside the US — what a great first it will be.

Tomorrow we see Ancient Rome and sing our first concert. Stay tuned!

large group of students sitting on airport floor

students sitting with luggage on airport floor

maskec chamber choir singers in seats on airplane

chamber choir group sitting down at two large tables in restaurant


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