June 6, 2022

Madeline Hansen

As we drove into Perugia, butterflies filled my stomach. I had been in love with the history of Rome, but I was anxiously awaiting what came next. The coach parked in front of our hotel, and I clambered out, grinning ear to ear. The piazza that our hotel was in fulfilled my vision of what I thought Italy was before leaving. The piazza was filled with merchants, restaurants, and crowds of varying sorts of people. Outside the piazza was a stunning viewpoint with a fountain in the center.

After the choir went to our rehearsal in the town hall, we were given just over 45 minutes for a break before dinner. I saw my chance to wander off by myself and I took it, grabbing gelato and sitting at the viewpoint. I FaceTimed my dad to show him the candy-colored vespas and the old bell tower in the distance. An older Italian couple sitting next to me were holding hands and leaning on one another as I spoke to my phone.

After dinner, the choir ran to put our concert dress on and walk to our venue. When the concert started, I was feeling low energy after the busy day we had and was flying on autopilot. Once we got to the third piece, I realized how much I was engaged in the performance, watching Dr. Fjeldsted and intuitively obeying her directions. When we approached Hark I Hear The Harps, I realized that I had chills up and down my back, and had started to get choked up, which had never happened to me while performing like this. When we finished Beautiful City, I wanted to keep singing and felt more energized and connected to myself than I had ever been after a performing. I never knew that performing as a group in a setting like this could be such a healing and captivating experience, but I can’t wait to get to our next performance continue to appreciate this opportunity to sing and learn more about myself.

vintage stone building

chamber students sitting at a long table smiling

chamber students rolling their luggage through a narrow street

Hall of Notaries stage


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