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Pets of Westminster

  Meet Mavie, the acrodog

Getting to Know Our Campus One Pet Photo at a Time

In the spring of 2016, the Review team hosted a Westminster Pets photo contest on social media that invited Westminster community members to post photos of their pets with the hashtags #westminsterpets and #westminsterslc. The acrobatic pup, Mavie, and her human companion, Tiana Cerciello, won with a total of 345 Facebook likes. Meet Mavie:

Age: 3

Breed: Australian shepherd


“The trick in the photo is called a foot stall. First, I had to teach her balance by getting her to stand on all kinds of small objects around the house (trash cans turned upside down, soup cans, etc.) using treats as bait. Next, I had to make her comfortable with heights by teaching her to jump up on tall objects (mini-fridge, desk chair, bigger upside-down trash can, etc.) using treats again. Then, I put the two together by having friends lure her on to my upside-down feet with treats. It took a few weeks, several bags of treats, and a lot of ‘atta girls;’ but it is by far the coolest trick I have taught her.” —Tiana Circiello

Johanna Snow pet dogAngie Merkley pet hedgehog@sew.crafty pet cat@meagan pet frenchies

Photos from: @jksnow3, @angiemerkley, @sew.crafty, @meaganr1016

@macrocco pet dog@little_nutmeg pet dog@kenlo97 pet dogs @j_chasee pet dog

Photos from: @macrocco, @little_nutmeg, @kenlo97, @j_chasee

@erokelley pet cat@baileythebritt pet dog @abkmck94 pet dog@mskiim00 pet bunny

Photos from: @erokelley, @baileythebritt, @abkmck94, @_mskiim00



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