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Residence Life

About Residence Life

Living on campus is about more than just a place to live. It gives you a community: people to study with, join your late-night Netflix binges, and explore with. People who will be there to help you—and commiserate—when you realize that you forgot to buy toilet paper, groceries, or that book you really need for your 8:00 a.m. class. And, of course, it’s also somewhere to store all those books and sleep off an all-night cram session.

Campus Residency Requirement

Westminster has a two-year residency requirement, which means that all first- and second-year students are required to live on-campus. This is designed to provide you with the best possible university experience. On-campus living has many benefits, from higher academic performance—thanks to easy access to professors—to a greater sense of community and a smoother transition to life at Westminster. If you aren't able to live on-campus, you may apply for a Residency Exemption.

The Importance of Living on Campus

Join the Westminster family. When you make Westminster your new home, you become a member of the Westminster family. You'll dine or grab a coffee with your fellow Griffins in Shaw, have quick access to enjoy on-campus events like casino nights and visiting food trucks, or explore new ideas from the renowned artists, authors, performers, and lecturers who regularly visit campus.

Take advantage of proximity. The beauty of Westminster's small campus is that everything is within easy walking distance: study with your classmates in the library for a group project, take a fitness class in HWAC, or stop by your professor's office to get quick help on a homework question. Leaving campus is just as easy. Use your student ID to "tap on" the public bus—it's free to Westminster students. You just have to tap on to get on and tap when you finish your ride. Plus, Westminster’s location in vibrant Sugar House means that great coffee, food, and outdoor spaces are only a five-minute walk away.

Take in your newfound independence. Everyone looks forward to living away from home. You get to decide what you want for dinner or how late to go to bed—as long as you are considerate to your roommates. Every student knows that having a roommate is big part of the university experience, teaching you to set aside your differences and giving you a built-in buddy for impulsive ice cream runs.

Enjoy additional perks. No monthly bills! Campus housing includes utilities and internet—and all the furniture you need is already in your room.

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“What I thought would have been my biggest distraction became what I renewed and energized me most. I couldn't have finished my first year of university without it.”

– Katrina England (Honors '14)

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