January 11, 2022

Dear campus community,

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we have asked everyone to mask up with a K95 or N95-grade mask. We know that created a burden of expense for some, and there has been trouble finding a credible source for others.

We have obtained a large quantity of N95 masks for your use. We will be getting them out to you all in the following ways starting right now:

  • Distribution in front of the Dean of Students Office
  • Distribution at the HWAC front desk
  • Residential students will receive masks in your mailbox
  • Purple Basket

We ask that you take no more than 2 masks to assure all who need supplies can get them.

These masks can be used for multiple days (an average of 5) utilizing the following care practices:

  • Hang up at the end of the day to allow it to completely dry
  • If it becomes visibly dirty, discard and use a new one
  • If it develops an odor or you can smell things through the mask, discard and use a new one

Although this mask is higher quality than cloth masks, it is not a guarantee against infection.

Please continue all other COVID-19 safe practices.

We hope to get more in soon so we can get everyone through the current rise in cases due to the Omicron variant.

Be safe and be well,
Glenn Smith, EdD
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students