November 1, 2021

Westminster's web team is getting ready to launch some long-awaited improvements to the header menus. These changes focus on improving access to important information for both prospective students and the current college community. The solutions have carefully considered website and higher education best practices, Westminster’s unique user behavior data, accessibility, and mobile design.

The first changes you’ll notice are:

Additional improvements are in the works, but these initial changes will greatly improve how website users navigate to important information quickly. The web team will also continue to monitor user behavior data to ensure these menus remain effective over time.

These initial menu changes are set to launch on November 4, after business hours. There won’t be any website down-time, but you may need to clear your browser cache to see all the new options.

As always, you can send website feedback and questions in a web request.


Sheila Yorkin
Chief Marketing Officer
Office of Communication