Connie Etter


Phone: 801.832.2327


Office Location: Foster Hall 114

Office Hours: Th 3:00–6:00 p.m.


Ph.D. Syracuse University
M.A. Syracuse University
B.A. Concordia College


As a cultural anthropologist teaching in justice studies and the honors college, I think about questions of power and resistance by focusing on experiences and encounters. In my teaching and research, I am interested in how our everyday wanderings – conversations, walks, daydreams – offer opportunities to think and be differently, outside of the scripts and roles we’ve been handed that maintain existing power structures. Rather than a pointless act, wandering allows us to see well-trodden paths from a critical distance and ask what else might be possible. I am drawn to texts and ideas that defy genres, borders, and disciplines to explore new ways of thinking and being in the world. I aim to create spaces for my students and I to ask more expansive and complicated questions about the worlds we inhabit and the worlds we can imagine. I enjoy cycling and ultra-endurance bike-packing events/races, cooking vegetarian meals, and spending time with border collies.

Connie Etter