Dear Griffins,

Spring Semester will likely end differently than it began, with a community that will emerge strong after a year of pandemic challenges and adjustments. If vaccine distribution continues and transmission rates keep dropping, we should be together on campus again during the Fall 2021 Semester. We’re excited to prepare robust, in-person experiences and to welcome students fully back to campus. We plan to hold predominantly in-person classes, house more students in the residence halls, hear speakers and host campus activities, and support our students at games and performances. We will once again share in the many college experiences and traditions that make Westminster special.

The past year has also taught us greater resourcefulness and adaptability. We know how to be safe in our interactions, flexible in our use of technology, and vigilant in addressing public health challenges. We recognize that some COVID-related mitigations, such as facemasks and limits on gatherings, may still be needed to help ensure the health and safety of our community, and we are prepared to be flexible should those needs arise. Our online instructional possibilities now open new doors for some students who might not otherwise be able to attend classes. Westminster’s success so far is a tribute to this communities' care for one another, and that success will continue.

As we plan for Fall Semester, know that Westminster remains committed to a personalized and transformative educational experience that is both safe and abundant with in-person living and learning opportunities. I look forward to seeing you on campus, at events, and in community. It’s time to be together again.


Beth Dobkin