About 3D Printing

Printing is available to all members of the Westminster Community. Faculty, staff, and students all have access to the 3D printer.

Printing costs $0.10 per gram. All prints have a minimum charge of $1.00. This fee helps us buy new filament and keep the printer running.

If you are using print time and filament, we ask that you pay to cover the costs, whether or not you love the finished product.

Requests for prints can be submitted by filling out the form below.

Make an appointment with Spencer DeVilbiss (sdevilbiss@westminsteru.edu) to work on your print.

Do no harm! College rules and legal restrictions cover all printing activity. All printed objects must be free of copyright or trademark restrictions and must not violate any policies or laws. Since weapons are not permitted on campus, users may not print weapons. Additionally, users may not print items that would harass or bully other library users.

It is your responsibility to only submit prints that fit the guidelines. However, if library staff have any concerns about a printed item, they may decide not to print any item.

Something went wrong. Things go wrong fairly often and a job needs to be stopped and restarted. If your print job was stopped, the library staff will try again.

If you are concerned why something went wrong with your print, check with the printing team.

3D printing is a slow process. After you submit a print, you will receive a time estimate. The estimate is based on number of jobs waiting and the assumptions that no issues will come up. Since sometimes things go wrong, the print might take longer.

We're sorry! We want to do better. Contact Spencer DeVilbiss (sdevilbiss@westminsteru.edu) with your ideas to improve the process.

The library supplies PLA filament, a renewable, recyclable, non-toxic plastic. To reduce waste, the library will no longer offer a choice of colors. Fortunately, the printed objects take paint really well.

While we use up the last of the colors, you can request a color that is still available. Email ddd@westminsteru.edu or speak to the print staff in person.

Request the 3D Printer

Fill out the form below to submit a print. You will get a response at your preferred email, informing you of the cost and the approximate waiting time.

While jobs are mostly processed in the order received, the queue sometimes changes to respond to problems with a print and to complete smaller prints during the day, with longer prints being started to run over night or over the weekend.