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The Psychology Program at Westminster University

Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Our students use critical thinking, communication, and evidence-based research skills to understand the determinants for human conduct or behavior. Engaging classes, investigation, and field opportunities help you learn how understanding the complexities of human behavior can be of impact to society.

We offer a STEM-designated bachelor of science degree to help you understand evidence-based research practices. Our program allows you to hone skills specific to your area of interest, while also giving you the opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively with diverse audiences. You will have access to lab space for research work, the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Laboratory, and the expertise of faculty members. And, there are some psychology-related extracurricular opportunities on campus you may be interested in.

Who the Psychology Program Is For

Our psychology program is ideal for students interested in understanding why people do what they do. Our curriculum will prepare you for a variety of career possibilities after graduation, including master’s and PhD-level coursework. If you are interested in using psychology research to solve problems, this is the program for you.

What You'll Learn in the Psychology Program 

  • A knowledge base in psychology
  • Scientific inquiry and critical thinking
  • Ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world
  • Communication
  • Professional development

sample Psychology courses

  • PSYC-105: Bust That Psych Myth
  • PSYC-252: Personality Theories
  • PSYC-301: Child Development
  • PSYC-358: Methods of Counseling


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Our Faculty

Jonathan Amburgey, PhD
Associate Professor

Kelly Asao, PhD
Assistant Professor

Christopher Davids, PhD
Associate Professor

Julian Mendez, PhD
Associate Professor


liberal education courses

You must complete the WCore program or join the Honors College (and complete requirements) to fulfill your liberal education credits.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Psychology Program?

  • Engage in empirical research projects in both lower and upper-division classes through a hands-on approach to learning.
  • Volunteer opportunities in schools, healthcare organizations, and justice facilities allow you to place course content in real-world scenarios.
  • Small class sizes enable students and faculty to engage in meaningful learning processes—ensuring academic success, flexibility, and personal growth.
  • Take career-exploration courses that help you discover your passions within psychology and give a special focus to your learning experience.
  • Collaborate on faculty-guided research projects as a way to explore your particular interests in the field.
  • Plan your course schedule, identify career opportunities, and prepare for the steps after graduation with dedicated faculty and advisors.

Psychology Program Plan of Study

You will study the foundations of cognitive science research and clinical counseling, social, developmental, and quantitative psychology. You will start by taking introductory-level courses in brain and behavior, personality theories, human development, and more. Students are highly encouraged to participate in field experiences.



A psychology major offers you a well-rounded approach to topics such as gender and identity, culture, human-environment interactions, and the neuroscience of behavior.

Psychology with Emphasis in Cognitive Science

Through this program, you will focus on human cognition. We will work on the interactions behind acquiring knowledge and complex reasoning. This emphasis is ideal if you are interested in pursuing a career in a biologically oriented research area of psychology.

Psychology Career Opportunities

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology are required in areas that demand quantitative reasoning, data analysis, and problem-solving skills. Our program equips you with the tools and knowledge for a successful career after college.

Potential Careers

Many of our students have continued their education in high-ranking graduate programs. Others play important roles in areas like social service, research, business, education, and other fields that require an understanding of human behavior.

  • Child development specialist
  • Mental health counselor
  • Career counselor
  • Criminal investigator
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Marketing specialist
  • Human resources
  • Research study coordinator and lab manager
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Educator


Psychology student success

Our students have combined studies in psychology with pre-medicine, neuroscience, data science, and environmental studies. A 2016 alumni survey of recent psychology graduates indicates that three out of four former students are “highly satisfied” with the post-college opportunities available in our program.

Potential Employers

  • The Lotus Center for Healing and Wellness 
  • The Phoenix Recovery Center 
  • Westminster University 
  • Girl Scouts of America 
  • University of Utah


Tuition and Aid

There's No Better Investment Than You

Westminster University knows you want an education where you matter—a place that will serve as a launchpad for a successful career and a meaningful life. Westminster will work with you individually through every step of the financial aid process. From scholarships to grants and loans, Westminster helps you make it happen.

With the highest percentage of students who complete one or more internships in the state, Westminster students hit the ground running with real-world experience. Plus, 90% of students were either employed or attending graduate school within 5 months of graduating. With a Westminster degree, you don't have to choose between a successful career and a fulfilling life.

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In addition to general merit scholarships, other scholarship programs are available to support you throughout your time at Westminster.

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